About Terepac

Terepac Corporation is the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company.
We are a one-stop shop; an IoT pure play. Terepac offers end to end IoT solutions for companies who want to realize the true value of sensing electronics.

Terepac creates custom hardware from today's state of the art electronics or miniaturized electronics via our patented processes. A secure software platform to manage, integrate and interface with the data. And finally an IoT ad network to monetize your existing data.

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IoT Electronics

Using state of the art, patented electronics packaging and assembly methods we can deliver tiny, thin and inexpensive electronic products for the IoT.

Secure IoT Software Platform

We take IoT data seriously and that’s why we’re creating one of the most secure and robust platforms in the world.

IoT Data Management & Monetization

We store, monitor and monetize IoT data to get the most ROI from your IoT efforts.

We simply ask “what if this could talk?” and let folks fill in the blanks.
And therein lies the magic.

Ric Asselstine – CEO, Terepac

What We Do

Terepac is an Internet of Things innovation company that delivers a wide variety of solutions for the Internet of Things. Currently our offerings are focused in the areas of
Tiny Electronics, Smart Buildings and Smart Advertising.


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Terecircuits’ electronics packaging and assembly technology can create an entire new realm of smart products in which electronics provide valuable functions while remaining essentially invisible.

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A Smart Building monitoring solution for monitoring environmental factors in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Wireless, secure and easy to use.

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Roundoo shows you offers that are around you! Roundoo brings the power of beacon marketing to the world to deliver a new level of relevancy to ad targeting.

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Terecircuits' packaging and assembly technology enables the creation of an entirely new realm of products in which electronics can provide valuable functions while remaining essentially invisible. Our patented technology can place the smallest and thinnest components into a module, interconnect them and complete the final packaging in one integrated process flow.


Terecircuits’ packaging and assembly technology enables the creation of an entire new realm of products in which electronics provide valuable functions while remaining essentially invisible:


Terecircuits replaces the complex supply chain with a single set of operations having a fraction of the complexity and cost, and yielding a paper-­thin, flexible and much smaller level of electronics.


Terecircuits packaging process is capable of creating electronics for every IoT vertical. From wearables to healthcare and smart buildings to everything else, Terecircuits can create the electronics to meet your needs.


The TereSense Smart Building monitoring solution is a wireless, turn key system that monitors an endless list of environmental factors. Monitor motion, vibration, electrical and water usage and so much more. TereSense is in BETA testing and we're looking for beta partners today!


TereSense is designed to monitor the needs of every type of building including temperature, utility usage, moisture leaks, motion, light and so much more.


We take your data seriously and that is why all of TereSense’s data is encrypted right at its inception.


TereSense’s cloud provides any easy to use and understand dashboard. Whether it’s one house or 30 commercial properties TereSense makes it easy.


Discover a whole world of offers, discount and sales all around you. That's Roundoo!


Stores, restaurants, theatres and more will send you amazing offers and discounts just for being near them at the right time! Take the offer in or save it for later.


For just pennies you can start sending offers to people’s phones who are near your business.


Roundoo partners help get Roundoo installed and earn ongoing ad revenue for those installs.

Our Management Team

The Terepac management team brings some of the world's most talented individuals from every aspect of technology to deliver what is needed for the Internet of Things.

Ric Asselstine

Ric Asselstine

CEO View Details
Jayna Sheats

Jayna Sheats

CTO View Details
Chris McClenaghan

Chris McClenaghan

CFO View Details
David Biesty

David Biesty

VP Manufacturing Technologies View Details
Jay Bahar

Jay Bahar

VP Sales & Business Development View Details
Harry Major

Harry Major

VP Software & Platform Development View Details
Fraser McNaught

Fraser McNaught

VP IoT Marketing & Media Solutions View Details
Ric Asselstine

Ric Asselstine


Ric co-founded Terepac following a career of 25 years in corporate and entrepreneurial management. After a variety of increasingly senior management assignments with Union Gas, he formed Employee Staff Leasing, Inc., Canada’s first employee-leasing firm; this evolved into a consulting practice supporting primarily early-stage technology companies which continued until Terepac’s founding. He also co-founded Practical Approach, a natural-language-based Internet search engine company, and served as president of Spectrim Label & Equipment Ltd. Ric has been an active participant in the business community in Waterloo Region and the Canadian Technology Triangle, with guest lectureships at several universities and appearances in radio, television and print venues including CTV’s Canada AM, CBC Radio, Canadian Business Magazine, and Macleans. He holds an MBA from the University of Windsor, and a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Jayna Sheats

Jayna Sheats


Jayna, co-founder with Mr. Asselstine, has worked in industrial R&D and technical business development for nearly 30 years, most recently as VP of Manufacturing Technology and Associate CTO at Nanosolar, Inc. She spent nineteen years with Hewlett-Packard Laboratories working on microlithography, superconductivity, and organic electroluminescence, as well as sustainability-enhancing technology and business cases for the developing world. She then consulted for several companies before and after co-founding and serving as initial CTO of Intelleflex Corporation. She has contributed to over 55 journal articles and over 50 patents, and has been a guest editor and conference organizer on several occasions. Jayna is a fellow of the AAAS, and holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University and BS degrees in Chemistry and Physical Sciences from Colorado State University. She enjoys music, being in the mountains, and reading (J.K. Rowling and Jodi Picoult being among her favorites).

Chris McClenaghan

Chris McClenaghan


Chris has responsibility for all aspects of finance including global financial strategy, tax, human resources and internal control functions for the company. He spent 6 years at Deloitte & Touche, specializing in technology, media, and telecommunications industries, after which he held finance management positions in Navtech, Inc., and Moxy Media. He then became Senior VP of Finance at Tsavo Media, an online media publisher, which was acquired by Cyberplex Inc. (CX:CA) in June 2010 for $75 million (US). Chris has CA and CPA certifications, and holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Wilfried Laurier University

David Biesty

David Biesty

VP Manufacturing Technologies

David is responsible for operations management and equipment design and construction at Terepac, building on more than 25 years in innovative system design, construction and delivery. Following various engineering and technical management positions in several companies in the U.K. (including the management of a design and production team at Imperial Metal Industries), he set up and served as Managing Director of Church Hill UK Ltd, establishing customers throughout Europe, Africa and North America. He has delivered products including robotics and other automation components, control systems, and various precision metalworking and machining techniques including hydroforming, extrusion, and injection moulding, which range from large production machinery to a phased array satellite receiver. He holds an HND degree in mechanical engineering from Wolverhampton University (UK).

Jay Bahar

Jay Bahar

VP Sales & Business Development

Jay comes to Terepac with 15 years of experience. His specialties include launching new technologies into untapped markets, building effective go-to-market strategies, and structuring dynamic sales organizations for high growth situations. Jay was a member of Research in Motion’s launch team for the BlackBerry where he played key roles in every stage of the growth of this product, including securing one of the first accounts with an F100 company and making the BlackBerry a leading solution for a major U.S. carrier. Jay directed a $100M+ business unit comprising many distribution partners which remain among RIM’s largest. Most recently, Jay spearheaded new product launches for Intelligent Mechatronics Systems, resulting in multiple channel partner commitments. Jay has authored a US patent in the field of wireless technology and holds a BSc in Physical Sciences from the University of Guelph. In his spare time Jay enjoys the outdoors and embarks on a wide variety of DIY home improvement projects, while occasionally cooking up a storm at home.

Harry Major

Harry Major

VP Software & Platform Development

Harry has 25 years experience building world class and high performance software development teams. He built the software development team that delivered the BlackBerry Handheld Platform from a team of 8 in 1999 to a global organization of 550 including software development, test, project and program management functions. He wrote the first UI Engine on the first BlackBerry, shipped versions 3.0 to 6.0 of the BlackBerry Handheld Platform and Software Portfolio, and is named on over 60 patents. He has experience integrating acquired software development teams from various and diverse cultures and locations into a single cohesive and high performing team. Harry holds an Honours BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He enjoys golf, hiking, and snowmobiling.

Fraser McNaught

Fraser McNaught

VP IoT Marketing & Media Solutions

Fraser has been excelling in Advertising and Marketing for over 15 years with experience on both agency and client sides of the business. Fraser’s area of excellence is digital marketing although he has worked on every facet of traditional advertising as well including TV, radio, outdoor and direct mail. During his time as VP of Digital at Euro RSCG Toronto (Havas) Fraser had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest brands including Intel, Rogers, Reckitt Benckiser, Schering Plough/Merck, Novartis, Kraft, Evian and National Bank/Altamira. Fraser likes to spend his time on the leading edge of digital discovering new and innovative ways to interact and engage with consumers.

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